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Friday, 21 December 2012

Top 10 Christmas Cupcake Designs (In my opinion...)

                                                           Top 10 Christmas Cupcake Designs

When I came up with the idea to bake all of my Christmas presents this year, choosing between the inspiration out there for all the cupcake designs was far harder than actually making them! So here are, in my opinion, the top 10 Christmas Cupcakes out there to inspire you! I've ordered them 1st best to my preferences but they are all so fab I'm sure you may not agree!

1. Rudolphe Cupcakes!

A personal favourite, these deliciously chocolatey cuties are just so cleverly constructed! Pretzels for antlers? Pure genius.

2.  Snowmen!

Not a personal favourite of my own batch but I do believe the variety of innovative and smart design ideas out there for our frosty friends is truly amazing!

3. Penguins!

Who doesn't like them? That's it. There's my argument for how these fluffy little cupcakes have nabbed a spot in the top 3. I don't think there is a soul on this planet who doesn't love penguins and better still-edible CHOCOLATE penguin cup CAKES. Of universal interest. Say no more.


 4. Turkeys!

Who could deny the true heart of Christmas being the Christmas Roast dinner-complete, of course, with turkey. As a vegetarian, I may not enjoy a succulent roast bird but I do however appreciate the whimsy and true fabulousness of these many adorable turkey cupcakes! (I particularly enjoy the expression on the faces of the first batch of turkeys!)

5.  Santas!

      Although I don't find them quite as adorable as many of our previous designs, it would be unfair to rank the King of all things Christmas any lower than the number 5 spot. There are some pretty nifty designs and although I went for something a little more classic I rather like the boots sticking out of the chimney! (But I'd quite like to pick the marshmallows off of that design..)



 6. Gingerbread men!

Now the only reason these adorably clever gingerbread treats have escaped up until the number 6 spot is cute and tasty though they may be, I feel they are not quite so classic characters as others such as the snowman, turkey, or Santa Clause himself.

7. Christmas Puddings!

Ah see I believe we are past the whimsical characters and cute cupcakes now, but we're definitely sustaining the theme of traditional Christmas  What better a way for those who are not fans of dates or raisins to celebrate than by engulfing a chocolate cupcake delight whole? (It is Christmas after all, and don't deny-they look rather tasty!)


8. Christmas Trees!

Although they've only made it to the number 8 spot, I do believe the number of different Christmas Tree Cupcakes I've seen assembled is pretty damn impressive, and just because they aren't number one does not mean I would not be willing to bake, ice, and eat more than several batches of these festive goodies. 

9. Santa Hats!

So we've had the classic Mr. Santa Clause but now it's time for his signature hat. I admit, not as whimsical, fancy or particularly cute, but still an incredibly edible festive treat which I think is a pretty clever yet simple design! (Particularly the strawberries!)


10. Baubles!

Last but not least, the classic hanger on of tree-the Christmas Bauble! Elegant, sophisticated and unfortunately requiring a high skill level to master-hence my absence of attempt to do so. I do therefore commend you-triumphant executors of the all powerful bauble cupcake!

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  1. that 2nd picture of snowman where it's laced with sparkly/glittery snow, how did you do that? can u please share? thanks!