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Friday 14 December 2012

Schrodinger's Cat Cake

                                                      Shrodinger's Cat Cake

 Okay so before I delve into the scrumptious details of our half-dead feline friend-I'll explain what all this is about.

So my big brother whom I love dearly but is blatantly insane for optionally taking maths, further maths and physics as his A level options has a pretty cool physics teacher who insists on the weekly tradition of 'Cake Fridays'. The students take turns in bringing in physics themed cakes and for my brother's turn (directed more specifically to my turn) we wanted something pretty special. They've seen a circuit cake, a cake decorated like a galaxy, and a cake decorated with Malteasers to represent a physics theory I don't understand. We opted for Schrodinger's cat.

So unless you're a physicist, have an incredibly geeky sibling or are a Big Bang Theory enthusiast you are probably asking what an undead cat in a gingerbread box has to do with physics. The basic theory is that some Russian or German or something dude named Schrodinger came up with the idea that if you put a cat in a box and leave the lid on the box you don't know if it's dead or alive because, as I said-there's a lid on the box. So while the lid is still on this box and before you've attempted to open it and peek (And this is the kind of cat that doesn't meow or smell when it dies) the cat is both alive and dead.

Hence the Schrodinger's cat cake.

So although I'm guessing from the remains the group of physicists greatly appreciated both the gingerbread and the simple sponge cat, which of course, pleased me-my greatest joy in doing this has to be seeing my Mum's face when she walked into a kitchen looking like this:

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