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Friday, 22 November 2013

GCSE Congratulations Cake

GCSE Congratulations Cake

Hi. So yeah, I know what you're thinking: you can't just disappear for a good two or so months and then just show up with chocolate cake, say 'hi' and make it all okay. Well luckily for me, I'm sure you don't follow this avidly anyway. (But if you do-Thank you!) 

Well this cake is where my leave of absence all began. I did get my desired GCSE results; but I must admit one was a short course RE and another was Food Technology..  Anyway: these got me into some crazy competitve-entry grammar school which I have now been attending since September. Since then I have dropped and swapped 5 different subjects and am finally settling into A-levels: as in: accepting that failure and socializing are one-and-the-same and success is incompatible with both.

I am therefore very busy juggling my gazillion lives to the point where I got so tired of laughing off the anguish that I needed a creative outlet (..besides Art AS level...if you do Art AS level you'll understand.) So here I am with this miraculous and arrogantly presumptive cake I baked myself the day before results day!

As always: it's the chocolatecakezilla, only in the latest fashion of a snazzy square. Sadly this cake was cut by one of the few sober friends at my "small results day BBQ" using a steak knife..I'd question her methods and by extent; my previous claim of 'sober', if wasn't simply a story I'd been told by one of my conscious friends. This did, of course, prevent my OCCD (The extra C stands for cake) /army style cake-carving professionalism, and many guests went home cakeless. They did, however return over the proceeding days to stop such injustice quickly: and it proved the perfect behavioural apology token!

Not to mention the enormous chunk left for my days of indulgence: it took a hell of a lot of revision but after having my cake and eating it too (oh and feeling worthy in life and getting into a good school blah blah) I can tell you-it really pays off.

P.S Hold your breath for AS results day-chocolatecakezilla does the trick for celebration; but it was born for commerisation.