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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Smiley Face Cakes

                                                             Smiley Face Cakes

What better to cheer up an end-of-November Thursday/parents evening than the classic smiley face? Well it gets better-in cake form! Unfortunately I couldn't locate the photos of some smiley face cupcakes I once made (And used to bribe my piano teacher's forgiveness for not practicing week after week) but I do believe the three examples I could find show an awful lot of progress-honestly I don't know why my family ate the first one to make me feel better at the time because now I'm just ashamed.

My Dad's Birthday smiley face cake February 2009

My twin aunts' Birthday smiley face cake May 2011


         My Bribery cookie debt smiley face cake April/May 2012.

I have to say for anyone looking for a simple but fun birthday cake idea-this is the one! It's novelty and easy and any beginner can do it-apart from me at age 12 apparently...

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