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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rainbow Cake

                                                        Rainbow cake
I have previously blogged about the craze of red velvet cake sweeping the nation, but obsession with coloured cake does not stop here. Another increasingly popular, vibrant, and definitely colourful cake almost everywhere today is the rainbow cake.

The range of products doesn't seem quite as extensive, but I have to say I've seen some pretty impressive designs:


As much as I love the many layers and gorgeously vibrant sponge, I have to say the clear winner for me is this sweet cupcake design which creatively uses candy belts!

My own attempts are not nearly as impressive but I'm hoping equally as yummy. The first I made for my own birthday, the second to pay off a cookie debt induced after I obtained surprisingly high grades. I think it's safe to say my coolness does not match my baking ability.

In conclusion; it's a Thursday, I still have to go through Friday and I'm exhausted from Monday-Wednesday. So I'll have this slice please;

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