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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer is here! Top 10 Summer Cakes!

  Top 10 Summer Cakes

So it's official! The GCSEs are over, the signing off has been signed-off, and it's finally time for Summer! (Sorry those of you who aren't in year 11 or English.)

What better a way to celebrate than with cake?! I haven't actually had the time to make one myself because I've been too busy enjoying the fact that: I NEVER HAVE TO DO PHYSICS AGAIN, but I have composed a wonderful list of smart ideas and snazzy designs for summer-themed cakes! Enjoy!

1. Beach Cake! Check it out: this cake has everything-even edible teddy bears! This design is both smart and adorable as well as summing up what every Brit dreams summer will be like only to be crushed by disappointment in the form of rain and boredom.

2. Camping Cake! On Monday I'm off with an organised charity organisation for 2 weeks' camping. Not only does this cake remind me that 1) I won't be getting any cake I'll be rock climbing instead, but 2) It reminds all you smug hot country sunbathers (You know who you are) that not all of us are so lucky. Love the candle fire idea though!

3. Teddy Bears' picnic cake. Okay, so I've gone overboard on the edible bears but this cake is cute and classic and not quite so un-realistic! After paying a fiver for a maths book I'd lost on signing off day this week I attended a picnic. Okay, I retract the previous statement: there was no blanket and no bears and not really much food...and I ended up spending half an hour crouching in a ditch opposite a bee hive. You'd think by sixteen you'd be over risking stings for hide and seek but hey, a sixteen year old who likes bears this much is clearly out of the ordinary!

4. Paddling pool cake! Honestly, I find this cake really creepy. I think it's the baby barbies that remind me of those disturbing child's beauty pageants. Nonetheless, everyone loves that classic barbie in a cake skirt style so why not drown her cake too! I'm mostly into this one for the convenience of the circle shape and the lovely, realistic texture of the pool.

5. I would firstly like to apologize for including this cake, and then for ranking it so high. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. It has that adorable stupidity you find in all the dorky rom-com love interests. Beach balls are a pretty important part of summer after all.

....and of course, the slightly less quirky but equally relevant beach ball cake pops!

6. Shark infested water cake! Yet again, I realize the stupidity and novelty, but I can't help but love it. (I'd upgrade to a sea monster next time, though.)

7. Water slide cake! Yet again, a water-themed cake, I'll probably go swimming twice this summer but this is not reality-this is cake.
(And this cake has made an excellent use of texture.)

8. Ice cream cake. A little more realistic seeing as these are available all year round, regardless of the weather, and let's not deny, a pretty cool design. (Get it?)

9. The flip flop cake. Novelty, pretty and let's face it-so simple. You could do this in any design you wanted and let's not lie, it's ameture friendly and definitely summer-themed.

10. Seashell cake! Last but not least, it's a pretty incredible design. Not too sure if all could attempt it but you cannot deny-it looks amazing and it's very, very summery. (Personally though, I'd improve it with a touch of those irresistible Guylians.)

So there you have it! The top ten summer cakes of 2013 in my (Very uneducated and irrelevant) opinion! 

They're snazzy, cute, and they look delicious, let's be honest now though, they aren't a true representation of a British summer. If I do get the time before my trip, perhaps an umbrella cake, television cake, or straight-faced smiley cake is in order. Hooray for 8 weeks of freedom!

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