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Monday, 22 July 2013

Cake Edge Design Ideas

Cake Edge Design Ideas 

          As the official owner of an Art GCSE, I enjoy design. When making a cake I probably spend 96% of the time planning and designing it, 1 making it, and 2 photographing it. I am still in the midst of designing the much anticipated results day cake, and find myself inspiration-less for the edging.

As much as I love piping buttercream swirls (Which I also did today making the good luck cake), it's becoming a little predictable, and as the creator of the Shrodinger's cat cake (Which I also found out today, my brother's entire physics class have read the post for...) the Olympic park cake, and many, many animal-themed baked-goods, I'm always up for new ideas.

So, as per usual, I've been scanning Google images and have composed an inspirational list, for the next time I, or any of you (Who I am now very paranoid about could be) just can't think of an edge design.                   

1. Well, of course, buttercream swirls.

2. Cigarellos!

Or... 2.5. similar substitutes.

3. Chocolate shavings!

4. Royal icing patterns...

5. Sweets!

6. Chocolate shards...

...and that's pretty much as far as I've got for now! But unlike the many other posts I edit for misspelling and embarrassment purposes, I will be editing this should I find additions to the list! Feel free to suggest any!

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