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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Top 10 novelty cupcake designs!

                                                                    Top 10 novelty cupcake designs!

...........In my opinion.

Okay so out there lately there are some pretty awesome novelty cupcake designs, from animals to rainbows they've got it all! I've seen some amazing and impressive cupcakes in my time with excellent skill, take some of these for example;


And incredible though these are, I'd like to commend the innovative genius' of the cupcake world who have inspired simple yet incredibly effective designs that anyone can muster!

So here we go!

1. Dessert Island cupcakes (See what I did there?)

2.  Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

3. Hamburger cupcakes!

4. Rainbows!

 5. Ice Cream Cupcakes! (Or cupcake ice creams-now there's a question!)

 6.  Cows!

 7.  Bunnies!

 8.  Sheep!

 9.  Pies!

10.  Popcorn!

So there you have it! Apologies to whoever disagrees but feel free to try out these simple but effective novelty designs! Enjoy!

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