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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Chocolate Cake for my Friend's 16th...

Chocolate cake for my friend's 16th birthday!

Okay so my chocolate cake lover of a friend (previously mentioned as Mooise...) 's birthday is soon to arrive and I am in the midst of planning her cake. Here's the spec:

-Chocolate cake with nutella buttercream filling
-Nutella buttercream icing
-Classy look i.e buttercream swirls/flakes/curls/cigarellos
-Something different/novelty/unique
-No fondant

...any suggestions???

When describing her ideas she compared to my chocolatecakezilla.....

And although she hasn't seen this one I assume she may be reading, something a little like this?

But what about the novelty? This is the girl I designed a cow themed and smiley face cake for...

So, in searching for all this, I've been doing some research and have acquired some pretty impressive chocolate cake ideas which I just had to share! to make these look classy and delicious...

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