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Friday, 11 January 2013

Cake Pops!

                                                                   Cake Pops

First of all, apologies for the gap in posts but I was unfairly and rudely distracted for some time by GCSES or whatever. Hey, I'm back!

         So for Christmas I received a delightful (and PINK!) cake pop mould which I have yet to use!

Alike to the cupcake, the red velvet cake, and the rainbow cake-these are becoming Nationally popular-I'd even go as far as saying 'obsessively so'. It is therefore compulsory that I take action and learn how to make these wonderful delights of balls of cake on sticks or more sweetly (Get the pun?) named 'Cake Pops'.

I unfortunately have no upcoming occasions but oh, soon as do-you shall be the first to know! (Other than those who consume them...) 

Now I've tried to make Cake Pops before but my method is a little different and came about simply because I did not own the correct equipment. I have only ever made chocolate cake pops and being the ignorant fool I was, here is how I did so:

Whenever I had a failed batch of cupcakes, premature chocolate sponge, or left over cake because I was cutting it into a stadium, t-shirt or cat..etc etc.. I had no idea what to do with it. It has to be the right time for cake pops, and when I had these situations-it was simply never the right time. This is how I discovered that freezing them worked pretty well! When I needed the leftover cake/cupcakes I simply defrosted them which I actually found made them a little more moist. I then followed these steps....

1. Take an epic fail of a cake/batch of cupcakes. Think underbaked, falling apart etc... (Or leftover crumbs)
2. Break up the cake/cupcakes into slightly smaller chunks but only roughly, and through them into a food processor (Currently turned off). 
3. Add Chocolate buttercream and nutella. The buttercream should be about 5 tbsp to a small sponge, the nutella about 3.
4. Blend it all up in the processor til it comes together. Scoop it out and stick it on a cake pop stick!

5. Seeing as this isn't really the correct method-they may fall off the stick in which case you should give them to people and call them "cake truffles" as I do-it really sells.
6. Don't forget to decorate!!!!
There's a World of opportunity...


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