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Sunday, 9 June 2013

M&Ms and Kit-Kat Cake

                                                       M&Ms and Kit-Cat Cake

Yet another National trend. These cakes seem to be a complete hit and whilst I like to go with the trend without being a complete follower, I was sucked into this one with the left over batter of the second chocolatecakezilla. There's always high demand for chocolate cake around Valentine's day.

There's a lot more you can do with a cake like this. Even a pretty ribbon would've jazzed it up a little. Truthfully, however, this cake was tiny and unwanted, and not as tall as the kit-kats so I had to bulk it up with three bags of M and Ms. On top of all that, I had no where to place it so my brother, painfully alike to me in the way that he also attended a party without romantic plans. took it along. The guests ended up going to the cinema and returning the cake with no M and Ms on it. Violation at its worst. 

It did, however, produce the opportunity for my mum and brother to try my rising-to-fame chocolate cake for the first time, the feedback, as always, was pretty flattering.

Comon, don't tell me it's not tempting:

Now, I'm not going to claim this was an original idea, it's been done by pretty much every baker out there today but it's a simple, chocolatey and colourful idea if you've ever got some spare Kit Kats lying around.

I personally believe it originated from none other than Lorraine Pascale with her 'I can't believe you made that cake'

But nonetheless, I commend the alternative and even less healthy tributes being payed to it. So to sum-up the National interest in adaptions of this particular model, I'll conclude with some pictures:

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