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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cake International Cupcakes, Cookies and Models (2013)

            Cake International:Cupcakes, Cookies and Models (2013)

So I've already taken you through just a few of my favourite (Out of the many amazing) cakes from Cake International 2013. I've also noted that this is not all there was! There were stalls, products, book signings and demonstrations, but before we even get onto any of that-there's the matter of cupcakes, cookies and models.

I don't think it's quite so easy to order these but my favourite cupcakes were absolutely these baby shower ones! As I've said before; I tend to base my preferences on idea and after seeing thousands of baby cupcake photos on Google Images or Facebook or even in reality, I can tell you these are the ones that really stood out!

A sonogram cupcake! That is the use of edible printer icing at it's finest! Love it.

And here are some other pretty awesome designs:

Although these aren't especially adorable and don't take us back to childhood memories-I can't deny the awe inspired by the fact that those flowers...are cakes?!

Cartoon dogs, cats and mice! Who wouldn't want these? And men in bubble baths! Where will the madness end?!

Now I've never been a huge fan of '101
Dalmations' and I don't actually know a thing about 'Alice in Wonderland'...I think I've never seen it...But this is not about the movies! It's about the cakes. Which are pretty cool.

And of course-The Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes! Now here's a childhood memory I do love, if you didn't read it-read it now! It's amazing and you're never too old to ensure you understand the sentiment between tasty Caterpillar treats.

There were also a couple of pretty shortbreads-recipe inclusive!

Now Shortbread's not really my thing (Hence the title-CAKE Guru) but I have to admit, these are too pretty to ignore. I'm also a Shortbread novice so I really do commend the skill that goes into these! 

And although this last little section may not technically be a category, it deserves a mention. So here's to the edible novelties of the fondant World:

From adorable farmyard and...less conventional but equally as adorable wales...

To marzipan teddies, dogs, cats, monkeys, pandas and that a giraffe?

To my absolute favourite! Simply because I've wasted years of childhood on Nintendo consoles with this pair and partly because the fact that Mario is riding Yoshi which just cracks me up.

Then of course it gets a little weirder with an edible Henry the Eighth... I'm not too sure whose idea this was and what the selling point is supposed to be but hey, I'm no marketing expert!

And last but not least, who wouldn't want to eat their own baby! Common practice but something I will never understand. (Sadly like most aspects of society.)

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