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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to make modelling chocolate/chocolate fondant roses! No fancy tools required!

                                                   Modelling Chocolate Roses

Also for part of my GCSE course, the paste I showed you how to make yesterday, I later used to make modelling chocolate roses as a development decoration for my chocolate pavlova!

Now I don't know what cake fanatic hasn't seen fondant/chocolate/some other form of decoration paste roses before, and as a cake fanatic myself, I am beyond experienced in seeing them too. I have, however, only tried this once as was always to scared to attempt these seemingly intricate and complicated decorations. This is not true! They are beyond simple, quick and easy to make, and please ignore all the suggested tools-you can make them by hand, from scratch, in no time.

1.So! Starting with your hand-made (Or shop-bought if you haven't read my last post) modelling chocolate or paste of some kind, roll it out on a surface dusted with icing powder to approximately a 1cm thickness.

2. Then cut out some small random, approximately somewhere between a square, a circle and a semi circle type shapes. (The size depends on how big you want your rose to be.)

3. Then shape them into approximate petal shapes! Think very, very undefined semi circle!

4. Fold your petal into a loose roll.

5. Shape the next petal and wrap it around the first.

6. Repeat!

7. Keep repeating until you're happy with your rose!

 8. And there you have it!

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