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Monday, 3 June 2013

Chocolate Pig Cake

Chocolate Pig Cake

If you recall my earlier blogs; this is the resulting cake which I was planning in, "Chocolate Cake for my friend's 16th Birthday!" for none other than the cow cake customer, sister to the Arsenal fan, and winner of the 400 cookies bet. (If you have yet to read this post I sincerely recommend you at least check out the pictures-there's a chocolate pig. )

Well for my chocolate loving, avid green buttercream fan and spontaneous farm animal enthusiast of a friend, I tried my best to aid her 16th Birthday celebration with this pig (Whom I named Bradley just FYI) in chocolate sauce mud chocolate fudge birthday cake with chocolate filling and buttercream! 

I have to admit, not my neatest work but in my defense; I was alternately learning French speaking answers for the following day in which I lied about my sporting activity as the topic was free-time. This is partly because I can't say, "I make farmyard animal cakes and blog about them" in French, and partly out of shame.

I was, however, pleased with the feedback as what the decoration lacked in precision; it made up for in fondant pigs. (It was also entirely eaten in 2 days. In cake language that's an A*.)

Here's to yet another belated Happy Birthday Louise! :D

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