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Friday, 7 June 2013

Chocolate Pavlova

                                                        Chocolate Pavlova

So, as one of my GCSE options I took Food Technology. Right now I'm sure you're deliberating between whether I am insane or just plain stupid. Well, I am both of these things but neither justify my 'option' to take this subject at GCSE-sadly I also attend a school which somewhere along the line hired an equally insane and stupid staff member who made it compulsory for us to continue with our year 9 technology option. 

Whether it was drugs, a sadist-movement, or just pure obliviousness, someone, somewhere in my school actually believed it was a good idea.

I was young and foolish in year 8 and nobody warned me I'd be suffering the revision of industrial cleaning methods three years later for a subject nobody respects, in my defense. Anyhow, to the point, as part of my practical exam I had to make a dessert displaying high skill, I chose a chocolaty twist on our classic meringue dessert: the pavlova.

I got this recipe from which, by the way, is AMAZING:


Simple and easy to follow as well as completely delectable! Although I must recommend that you grate the chocolate-don't chop it! I made the fatal mistake of roughly slicing mine and when I carefully and delicately poured my fluffy mixture into its piping bag, the chocolate clogged the nozzle and catastrophe struck. 

I'd take you through my experience triggered by this piping-bag disaster, but it is too traumatic for me to revisit. All I can say is after making it out of that room alive not only on that day but on my re-run of the failed practical, I shall never take calm, enjoyed cooking for granted again, and I cannot express the euphoria of saying, "I NEVER HAVE TO DO FOOD TECH AGAIN!"

Cheers! (I don't have anything drinkable so have a photo of a non-alcoholic chocolate pavlova instead.)

(Decorated with white chocolate creme patissiere, chocolate buttercream, dried fruit and nuts, chocolate shavings and Thorntons' valentines chocolates-which unsurprisingly due to earlier posts-I bought myself in a WHS sale.)

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