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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Return of the Giant Chocolate Fudge Cake

                                                    Giant Chocolate Fudge Cake

Hello! As I'm sure you've noticed this is my first post since...January? Sadly, I was not too busy baking amazing cakes, visiting M and M worlds, or betting 400 cookies. My laptop broke down and my GCSEs took over. It's been a miserable few months without this blog as it is! However, this does mean that I've had a lot of time to build up many new posts of which I now have a laptop (My Mum's...) and the time (Slightly more-I have 5 exams left..) to write! What better a way to celebrate than with a photo of a giant chocolate fudge cake from all the way back in February?

You'd think that with the heart theme and early/mid February occasion that this was a Valentine's cake. I'm too busy studying to write my cake blog on my Mum's laptop. Let's be serious. I made this cake for a fancy dress party round my friend's house which I attended as a Care-Bear. I have no regrets; it was a great night.

Sadly though the cake was disappointingly under-cooked on the inside. The last time I used this Nutella-inclusive recipe to make a cake this size I served it to my friend with a nut-allergy. This time I stepped it up a bit with the possibility of food poisoning. None the less-if there's something hungry teenagers who are attending a fancy dress party instead of celebrating Valentines day like more than luxuriously rich chocolate fudge cake-it's luxuriously rich chocolate fudge cake mixture. The cake was a one complained about food poisoning if they got it...and I stand firm on my claim that I have no regrets.

I would like to dedicate this post as a very belated Happy Birthday to Abi :)

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