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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cake International Favourite Cakes (2013)

                                                     Cake International-Favourite Cakes 2013

So for my 16th Birthday one of my friends bought us tickets to Cake International. I've never been before, always wanted to go, and had no idea what to expect other than a very large number of cakes. Turns out it's like a giant market hall with all things cake, including a live display from none other than Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (Who signed our Great British Bake Off books!) and a competition section of World-class decoration. 

So many products came with so many amazing examples but today, to save filtering through an un-tackle-able number of photos, I'll just share my favourite cakes of the day.

I can't deny that every cake in there was not only unbelievable as cake itself, but also 100x better than I could ever dream of attempting myself. It's not that I'm not amazed by the incredible skill, hard work and design of each and every one, but seeing as so many decorators have produced so many masterpieces, I'd like to dedicate my ranking to an order of personal preference based on such creative and impressive designs. 

(P.S please don't expect this to be one of those, "Here's how you make this" posts because honestly, I don't have a clue how they do it!)

1. Okay, so this cake is horrifying. I honestly don't think I'd eat it at Birthday party or really want to look at it but you cannot deny-it's amazing! What I love the most is I honestly think it's the most feesable cake! Clever use of buttercream, which I actually believe is achievable!

2. Winnie the pooh and his honey pots. Although I don't think this was the most intricate and complex design, I'm in love with the idea. So many winnie the pooh cakes are printer-iced modern Disney images, whereas this cake takes us all back to the endearing bear A.A Milne created. I loved this story as a child and I love this cake as a teenager. (Apologies for the picture quality-but it's more the concept for this cake.)

3. Roofless house Cake! I'm not too sure what it is about this cake. I just love the idea!

4. Elephant cake. I don't think this is the most innovative or creative cake I saw but I have to hand to the decorator-it's pretty incredible!

5. Another amazing animal cake! And so Cute too! The owl... (Don't know who could bring themselves to eat him though...)

6. Shoe Cakes! Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have grouped cakes together but I can't help it-they're on par and there are too many cakes to get through!

7. Harry Potter Chess Board cake. I don't think it's that complicated, I don't think it's that awe-striking, but if you're a Harry Potter fan like myself you will also be impressed by such a smart idea!

8. Fast Food Cakes. Again, shouldn't have grouped cakes together but as a vegetarian, I have to say a huge thankyou to the producers of burgers I can eat!

9. Mr Men Cake! It's not that spectacular, it has no pastel colour theme or intricate decoration, but yet again I'm giving into my soft spot for some of my favourite cartoon characters! I also love the actual cake-ness about this one!

10. Cakes cake! What better an idea than to make mini-edible versions of already edible delights and put them on an edible counter? I have to admire the skill taken to form such delicate little decoration and which I think you'd all admit, payed off!

11. Beauty and the Beast wedding cake! Well which girl doesn't have the dream of marrying a beast that keeps you hostage through blackmailing the safety of your father? Well this cake makes that dream a wedding day reality! I've only seen this film once and I was fifteen, but I do love the inspiration behind the idea and just as with all the other cakes, I admire the skill!

12. Teddy Bear Cakes. These weren't even in the competition but I can't help including them. They're adorable and I actually believe-attemptable! (Although, yet again I'm not sure anyone could bring themselves to eat one!)

13. Although it's not that complex and I'm too sure why-I really do like this cake! Perhaps it's my obsession with all things rainbow or my artistic interests, but simple though this cake may be I'd be more than privileged to have it at my own wedding. (Which won't be anytime soon...)

14. Now this cake I honestly believe is a bit too royal, very OTT and I'd be too afraid it'd distract attention from my dress. However I cannot deny it is pretty striking, very skilled, and must have taken a life's work. It may not be my favourite, but this masterpiece deserves some credit!

15. Cartoon character gambling cake! I'm not a fan of gambling but I do love all the characters featured in this cake! Whoever chose the best characters from each show and managed to not only to combine them, but make them edible-I commend you!

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