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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Espresso Cream Cake

                                                           Espresso Cream Cake
Not my most professional looking cake but still pretty delicious! I made this for my Mum's Birthday about 2 years ago now and I have to say it went down pretty well. Unfortunately this was before I learned many of my more recently acquired decoration tips but I did however discover the art to chocolate shavings and making chocolate decorations.

I melted some dark chocolate, piped it onto a baking sheet and left it to set in the fridge in some pretty, swirly designs. Unfortunately I for some reason have no photographic evidence for this due to the angle the photo is taken at but they're round the edge and the intention is to look a little like this:

 Of course, I was 13 and therefore mine looked nothing like this...but you get the picture!

And hey look, there's a World of possibilities-I mean, chocolate Snoopy! Who could beat that?!

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