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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Good luck/we'll miss you leaving cake

                                                    We'll Miss Ewe

Okay, so this pun is appalling, not really that funny the first time round, and even less funny the second way round. As mentioned in previous posts, however, I do not know the person I designed this cake for, and therefore her sense of humour, so I decided to play it safe with the knowledge that she's a primary school teacher and guess at poor and tame and sheep-inclusive. 

I heard she ended up sharing this with her infant-school class and it went down a hit. Not even undercooked-chocolatecakezilla with nutella buttercream swirls has yet to fail me. (The sheep, however, did not make anyone laugh...and I don't think this was because they were a tough crowd...they were five, afterall,)

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