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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Thank You Piano Themed Cake

Thank You Piano Themed Cake

In my opinion, this really isn't one of my best cakes. The design looked much better in my head, there was so much buttercream I think it'll rot teeth, and I paid £14.60 for two small cake tins in a size I didn't realize I already had.

Anyway, part of being a Guru involves admitting your mistakes and taking the positives. This cake was a mistake, but it looked really tasty, and my friend who I asked to hang out with me that day who turned me down, was sadistically tortured with constant photos of her very favourite buttercream. Ha.

It's the colours, I think. I don't like the colour theme. I wanted to make chocolate piano keys, then it would've been fine. Oh well. This is the first time I've piped chocolate decorations and as a 'I'm sorry I know you've been my piano teacher for 9 years but I don't actually like playing it so I'm quitting' it served pretty well, and she was pretty pleased with it. 

You have to admit: it looked like a pretty good sponge, though:

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