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Friday, 19 July 2013

Exam Results Cake

                                                           Exam Results Cake

Just a quick update on my life: I dropped out of the trip as the adorable camping cake previously posted was a seriously unrealistic impression, I'm sitting inside all day even though it's a heat wave because I am purple from head to toe with sun-burn, and I find myself befuddled in regards to cake.

So, if you've read my previous posts you will be more than aware that I have spent the past two years completing my GCSEs. Well, this summer on August 22nd I shall see if I spent too much time baking/blogging about it or if the hard work paid off, that's right: Results day. I've been invited on Facebook to a BBQ celebration and in the details it's been specified that apparently, I'm providing the cake.

Now, when I design cakes I like to surf Google for an unnecessary amount of time or possibly Cake Central, too, for some inspiration, as I believe you've seen from my "chocolate pig cake" designing process. For exam results cakes, I can find nothing! I am quite shocked, and as previously expressed, befuddled.

Is the point of cake not celebration? If I am attending an exam results celebration BBQ, then I am in need of an exam results celebration cake! Even Facebook specifies it! So when I make this cake and post it I will do so with the hope that it inspires others to post theirs, too, as there are far too few at the moment.

Nonetheless, here are a few pretty snazzy designs I did find:

This one has owls on it, what's not to love?

Kinda dull, I'll be honest, but well-made and aptaptable...?

Again, well made but it's getting a little same-old isn't it...

I am truly shocked! I've tried typing, "school-themed cake", I've tried, "congratulations cake", "well done cake", "graduation cake" why do scholars not celebrate with cake?! I am going to prove that bakers are academic too!

In the meantime, please send in a pic if you have any I would be more than glad to blog an analysis of how inspiring it is. (The more owls the better.)

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