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Wednesday, 7 November 2012



I went through a lot with this chocolate cake. After having stayed up til half 11 on a Friday night making it because the first two attempts not only sunk but came out of the oven too early (which were put to alternative use as cake pop crumbs and chocolate bowl cake mixed with buttercream) and spending a ridiculous amount of money going over the budget which resulted in a great deal of experimentation, I agreed with the host of the surprise 16th birthday party I made it for that I would bring it with me after my piano concert. This resulted in running down an unfamiliar pitch black road, carrying a tonne of chocolate cake with my brother running after me (so somebody could ring the doorbell) and my Mum yelling out the side of a car window that I'd drop it if I didn't slow down, at the exact time the birthday girl was expected to arrive, and, people had planned, be completely surprised. Luckily I made it just in time so as not to ruin her 16th birthday party but instead dissapoint, terrify and seriously confuse the 20 guests hiding behind sofas when I did show up panting for breath holding the biggest chocolate cake they'd ever seen.

All in all I greatly satisfied these guests and made an advertisement break-through for my cake business, as well as hearing on Monday that several of my school friends had cake for breakfast the previous morning. Not only did my orders increase more than dramatically, but due to my insane experimenting I unintentionally created a new recipe, and with that, the best accident I've ever made was born: chocolatecakezilla.

(Unfortunately my experimenting backfired ever so slightly when I discovered that it's a bad idea to add nutella to icing you'll be giving to people who may have a nut allergy. If this happens to you I advise making them an apology brownie-with no nuts-it worked pretty well and I even got a cake order from them.)

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