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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Arsenal Shirt Cake

                                                             Arsenal Shirt Cake

So my number one customer (the cow themed birthday cake girl and consumer of smiley face cake-as well as most of my other produce) will be again eating one of my chocolate cakes as I made this this weekend for her brother turning 10 today!

I don't know a thing about Arsenal or the shirts they wear and so after hours of deliberating between what the 2011/2012 kit or 2012/2013 kit even means, I was pretty happy to see that the birthday boy liked it so much that he took the cake along to his party and refused to allow anyone a slice. Already glad that Luke liked his cake, I was very happy to hear that some of the comments from the party guests included, "WOAHHH THAT'S SICK MATE" and even "ARSENALLL OHHH YEAHHH" and it's always good to feel appreciated by very loud ten year old Arsenal fans.

I'm even beginning to come round to the combo of chocolate fudge cake and fondant.. (Gradually...)

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

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