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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Red Velvet Madness

                                                           Red Velvet Cake

Okay so I just thought I should try to warn somebody that red velvet cake is taking over the world. I first heard of this when I made it for my Mum's birthday 2 years ago (Not my greatest triumph but pretty delicious):

3 layers of rich and moist sponge with subtle cream cheese frosting. It wasn't long before this cake had suddenly swept the nation and everywhere I went from Tescos to television it appeared. It was only this week that I realized just how big this has gotten. Featured below, yes there are red velvet cupcakes, macaroons, cheesecakes and cookies. But oh there is so much more. There's ice cream! There are roulades!  There are Bundts! There's even lipgloss and bubble bath:


There are a world of bright red, velvety opportunities out there. I'm ashamed to say I've only ever tried the classic and safe, but excited to promise that I will not rest until I've tried Ben and Jerry's red velvet cake ice cream.

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