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Friday, 16 November 2012

Cupcake in a cup!


I would be a disgrace to the name cake guru if I didn't go for a bit of tradition every once in a while-so for a vintage cupcake competition (Yes, I lost this as well) I thought I'd try a genuine cupcake in a teacup. It was surprisingly easy; buy a teacup-mix some cupcake batter-bake the batter in the teacup! Previously I expected cracking, chipping, and even considered exploding, but it worked a treat! (Yet again I'm displaying my incredible talent for puns.)

You can buy cupcake teacup baking cases:

But honestly I don't see the necessity. I bought a simple china teacup from a charity shop meaning that not only was my cupcake a contribution to good cause, cheap, and easy to find-but it also baked beautifully and had a much more kitsch/vintage and authentic classic teacupcake look. Why pay more for a lesser moral cause and plainer, less decorative case?

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