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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Cupcakes!

                                                           Christmas Cupcakes

Yes, can you believe it it is officially 6 days til Christmas people! And who could deny this tasty treat box of cupcakes I made for my sweet toothed friends as it's getting to that present-exchanging time! 3 chocolate cupcakes, one white and fluffy.

I have to admit it seemed a shame to bake it.
So first up: penguin cupcakes! Chocolate cupcake topped with black buttercream, a white buttercream belly and piped eyes, yellow writer icing beak (Shh I got lazy and cheated again) m and m eyes and oreo cookie wings!

Santa Cupcakes! Chocolate cupcake with a thin spread of nutella buttercream, layer of peachy fondant with piped red tube icing (Yep-cheated again.) piped buttercream (using the thin writer tip) and piped black tube icing for eyes and mouth (Oh yes, cheated yet again...)

Snowmen Cupcakes! White cupcakes with a generous helping of white buttercream, black tube icing, m and m eyes, a candy carrot nose, fruit pastel muffs and a cut piece of rainbow twizzler! (If you're from Britain you can buy these on Amazon Uk that's how I got mine!!!)

               And last but certainly not least, the rudolphe cupcake. A chocolate cupcake topped with Nutella buttercream and piped white fondant to glue down the m and m eyes. A giant chocolate button nuzzle with black tube icing smile, red jelly tot nose glued down with nutella buttercream, modelling chocolate ears and chocolate pretzel antlers! Too cute to eat! (Well my friends managed...)

Three of the boxes were hand collected, one hand eaten in a bowl in my kitchen (I'm not OCD she just likes eating cake in bowls.) and one hand delivered and received late at night in red spotty pajamas! (You know who you are!)

I have to admit I was more proud of the photography than the cake:


  1. The blonde girl on the right really looks to be an amazing person tbh! Cakes look nice too ;)

  2. Yeah she's pretty but it's a shame she eats so much cake it might catch up with her one day... ;)