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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gingerbread men

                                                   Gingerbread men

Again, not technically cake, but I found myself baking a gingerbread box for my Shrodinger's cat cake (I'll explain in tomorrow's post) and what better a way to use the left over gingerbread than the good old fashioned classic gingerbread man? Complete with m and ms of course but I am ashamed to reveal that we'd run out of chocolate to dip them in. A failure, I know. I've also saved a little over to make a mini gingerbread house to top our Christmas cake-so stay tuned!

  Now I know this is cheating, and I've made gingerbread from scratch many times before, but I had an entire cat cake to make so I must confess I used ready made gingerbread dough blocks. I have to admit-DELICIOUS. Sainsbury's ready to roll ginger bread dough blocks are just as good raw as they are in any other state you'd like to eat them-so I have to recommend!

Also, while we're on the topic of gingerbread I must pay my respects to the wonderful team at Costa who have made a consciously ginger effort this Christmas-who could resist a gingerbread muffin, gingerbread latte, and of course the classic Gingerbread George? Although I must admit, I loved spooky gingerbread George last halloween and the grabbit rabbit really did capture my heart. Christmas George however does rank just above charlie the chick and of course football George who I could not care less about.

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