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Friday, 7 December 2012

First Christmas Cake is done and dusted!

                                                         First Christmas Cake of The Year

I'm not too sure if I've previously mentioned but I have had 5 fruit cakes enriching in my kitchen cupboard since September now and I can't tell you how good it felt to finally decorate the first of them! I made this for my Aunt who asked specifically for an early cake (Also full of alcohol) as she wanted to consume it all before Christmas. Well she almost consumed the reindeer before taking it home from work, my Mum stopped her out of want to show off.

Simply a christmas fruit cake stacked with brandy and whisky, a layer of marzipan followed by chocolate fondant 'bricks' and white fondant 'snow'. A mini chocolate cake chimney (Also covered with the chocolate fondant), Coloured fondant santa legs and parcels, chocolate fondant sack and a modelling chocolate rudolphe-who I sense is no longer with us. RIP.
   I finished with some writer icing colours and a quick icing sugar dusting. Voila et bonne noel!

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